YOU ARE MY HEART’S DELIGHT is a festival entertainment celebrating the life, lyrics and laughter of HARRY GRAHAM.

The show’s title is also the best known of the many songs written by Harry Graham for a string of hit musicals and operettas during and after the First World War. But there was much more to Graham than that… a humorist and writer of wickedly funny verse which still packs a punch nearly 80 years after his death.

YOU ARE MY HEART’S DELIGHT tells the story of Graham’s life, with readings of his verse and journals interspersed with performances of some of his songs. You’ll be surprised how many you know!


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  • Shona Lindsay – star of many West End musicals, most notably Phantom of the Opera.
  • Jeremy Child – a familiar face from his extensive stage, television and film appearances.
  • Jeremy Nicholas – Olivier-nominated actor, award-winning broadcaster, writer and musician.
  • Stephen Weller – starring roles in UK tours of Martin Guerre, The Producers and 42nd Street.

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